Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Oreo to My Milk

Someone dat me never ever realize his existing before
suddenly become part of my life dats truely cant live without..
feel glad..comfort more than enough..
Irrogant, Boastful, Ignorant..Ya its me!
Hey you you you!
The strangers one dat I've been taught to respect
Immature thought! - different position between us before
you ought to be bothersome okey!
Rest the case..
you ever knew what is was like to be able to look at me and smile for no reason right?
Ridiculous versus fate just like a weird couple
not in dreaming coz u distract me from my real life
Truly ridiculous passing up coz me invested my heart in you
The matter is, what I am when I am with you
The perfect crime- stole my heart!
Hey you!
you know what
you meant to me like an oreo to my milk
See? speechless with my own love quote~
Me maybe have a thousand flaws, unattractive, unaccomplish
guess you too..
How hard we try, the two of us will never be perfect
A million bunch thanks coz you dare to take every risk and effort just to be with me
Me need you  

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