Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dear Friends

Today my heart burst..deep in my heart, me really really miss all of u friends..
Before this, feel i'm dying without friends but today, Suriati u did well alone..
But sometimes, the memories slip to my head and knock my heart to remember what we've been through for four years together..
The road that i pass by, the store that i walk through, the place that i stop by,its still remains the same but all of u are not around..that's to differ!
If i've a second chance to have all of u by my side, in sha Allah i will put all of u as the main character in my life..
My dear roomate, My dear housemate, My dear coursemate..
Me really really really miss all of u..
Me really really really miss your jokes..
Me really really really miss your loud..
Me really really really miss your encouragement..
What we've been through together its to huge to carry on by me alone..
But..Allah swt know better hikmah behind what i've been suffer here..
So be strong and keep going that i gonna do..
Sonner or later I hope I've a chance to see all of u again..
Amin Ya Rab..

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