Saturday, January 19, 2013

Because of him..

Sometimes life doesnt goes as ur plan...Its okay if it pass by without hurting, without a heart breaking, without tearing or without regreting..Just accept what will happen as a path to choose..

Painful..Cant be shown through the message, or throw ur words through the FB or tweet a phrase with hope that someone will understand...sigh!..
Hey Girl! Actually u're soooooooooooooo stupid!
Hoping? Hoping for what??
Hoping for nothing!

When 'he' pretend 'he' didnt knew u it feels like u maybe did a big mistake and its ur fault..When 'he' talk a big lie to u, its not a burdensome for u to trust him again and again..When 'he' broke his promise to u for just some stupid excuses, u to forgive him..When 'he' come to u with a thousand reason u never take note all of the reason just because 'he' right now stay in front of u..When 'he' make u upset, u just feel its okay because sadness will bring the happy ending..
Its nice way u make it up!
Thats why u're murder ur selft..

A loser came from the stupidity action that bring such huge problemetic that u by ur own think that no ways to solve it..Realise Realise & Realise..Take a deep breath and think wisely..

Time pass by...He's changed..A lot..More than I expected before..So there no reason for me to keep him by my side..Its time to set him free..Smile..Cheer Up..Wish him the best..Sent him away happily is the best way coz him deserve a million bunch of happiness rather than be by my side..Give him big hug then smile and walk away...Life is not a fairy tale that always have a happy ending...
Allah please give a strength..Amin..

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