Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Congratulation to all photonian!
About 28 out of 35 photonian score 3 pointer above...Alhamdulillah..Proud u guys..
Syukran..Finally Dean list for the final semester that I never expected before..

Thanks a lot to all supported lecturer and also all technician from 1st year until the final sem..
Without them, I'll not able to stand up completing every semester with best performance..
Also a million bunch thanks to Dr.Mukhzeer as a supervisor for my final project..TQsm for a given an opportunity as a representative for ITEX, for your support that never ending until now, for my project expenses, for all of your advice that I'll keep it and TQsm for being an inspiration lecturer for me.. 

Thanks to friends too, that fulfill my journey as a student at UniMAP for 4 years..
Fought along side for 4 years...Such a meaning memories!
Congra guys for your result that prove it that we're great 1st batch Photonic Engineering..
Officially our photonic battle is END..
Date: 19 June 2012
Location : UniMAP Kampus Kubang Gajah, Aray,Perlis
Photo By: Syed Muhammad Nazir
Angah, Rais, Shatul, Kak Syu, Oni, Kak Faridah, Kak Soo Yi, Kak Lin, Kak Intan, Sue, Ain, Along, Atiq, Inaz, Jee Keng, Rizal, Daus, Mao, Kak Farah, Kak Ila, Alip, Apih, Ganesh, Padel, Din, Ronald, Aizat, Dabak, Naim, Kairi.
Other: Fad, Aida, Emmy & Imah

Already 1 month after left uni student life on 19th June 2012..
And already 1 month I didnt see all of them, not heard a single jokes from them and its no more..
I'm gonna miss every single things being a student..
Wish u all guys have a job as each of u wishes and see u all in convo by September..
Good Luck!