Monday, June 4, 2012

Studio Shoot

In the Name of Allah The Most Gracious & The Most Merciful..
Alhamdulillah finally escaping from a hectic tough life..
1 month I did't updated any single story..
Thanks God coz opened up a lot of 'pintu rezeki' for me to learnt and to grab as so many things in April and May..

"1st Lesson in Studio"

Date : 22 April 2012
Venue : Jitra, Kedah
Collaboration with : Rosnajihah Ahmad, Syariniey Amran, Ismail Makalalag, Syed Muhammad Nazir, Khirol Hazwan & Ili Dalila
Talents : Shida Manshor, Ain Suriana & Ezmaliza Ezrik

| Shida Manshor |

| Ain Suriana |

| Ezmaliza Ezrik |

Maybe after this quite hard to have any single opportunity to learn again..
This not a things a that you just enjoy on it but it is a matter how you appreciate an experience that you had learnt.
Thankz a lot for those who sincerely teach me, guide me and willing to share some knowledge...


eZmALiZa said...

seronok bekerja dgn sue :)

semoga sue berjaya menjadi photographer wanita muslimah satu hari nanti :)

thanks so much sue for all this things...

Suriati Suhaimi said...

sue lg seronok bkerja ngn ezma n yg len..
korg lgung xtau mkne pnt..snyum jer..
yg tu sue ske..
Amin..InsyaAllah kalo de rezeki n pluang ade la tu..
TQ to Ezma tooo ya!

ROSNAJIHAH said... rindu awak..dh lme x jenguk blog awk..hihihi..

Suriati Suhaimi said...

cik ros..sue pn dh lme xjnguk blog sndri...rndu cik ros gak..hihihi..

saharinasaharudin said...

wahhh,nice :D