Friday, October 28, 2011

Girls Day Out-Steamboat

Too busy and too lazy..
The old date story that I blog..
This sem quite different coz I get a huge family to spent time for ridiculous things..
 Last minute plan and we decided to take a dinner together..

Location : Embung Dingin Corner, Arau, Perlis

Hot stuff!
Full House..
Crunchy Korea style Aida meat cover up with fresh salad n sauce..triple delicious!

Gojes gegirl!
All of us! TQ to incik apih coz tlg snap..kahkahkah...
Not only us actually..Ada jgk classmate ktaorg n dak UniMAP lain yg mkn kt c tu...
C&C okey la not bad dia pnye steamboat..sos dia yummy tp servis dia krg..

Sharing a laugh after lost it for a few semester it never imagine before..
But we did it!


~eZmALiZa~ said...

sedap kan steamboat kat sini. bf ezma bayar hari tu pon terkejut sbb murah gile. takkan mungkin jumpe kat kl kalo mcm nie..hahaha :D

eh, ade terselit pic ezma dgn faiz la kat blkg tu..ekekeke :P

Suriati Suhaimi said...

bleh la..sos best!
agk murah la..ktaorg mkn rmai2 lg la xtrase sgt..
ade ek terselit? hihihihi...sory tau xprasan ezma ri 2..=D

lionteen said...

bestnyee. lm dah x mkn steamboat. huhu