Friday, September 23, 2011

BBFriends Stone-Shoot

Salam from Perth-Lis
Outing with my beloved best friends..
Oni, Along, Cik Ros & Husna..
For our 1st time we outing for photo shoot purpose this semester..
Have a several photo dat taken from me to share with others..

"Stone SnapShoot"
Venue : Kuala Perlis, Perlis
Talent : Nurul Husna & Syariniey Amran
Collaboration with Rosnajihah Ahmad
Co-supporter : Fauzana Tahir 

I'm a new beginner..
Critic and comment I need most right now..
A lot of things need to improve, need to learnt, need to grab either in my snapshot or in my editing..

Glad to have a beautiful smile of friends that cheer me up..
I will appreciate as much as I love them..
So guys do appreciate ur friends ya!


♛ Azie Azra ♛ said...

cantik pic :)

Anonymous said...

ak xda nk komen pasai stone-shoot nice already coz me..hak3...gurau2 jea...
nk kasi pandangan mengenai soal emotion....xda pe dlm idop dpt dijangka...clalunya kte rse bnda 2 dh ckp sempurna n tbaek tok kte bt ALLAH yakin n taw it is not 4 u...dgn cara dugaan n mcm2 maslah DIA hndk kte bljq something...huk3...kdg2 kte ni clalu tersilap langkah...manusia 2 byk kelemahannye...moga hdapi sume ngn redha...ak ni pn ngh ssh gak nk redha...pyh gak nk sucikn aty nie....1st time gak ak komen kt blog nie....