Saturday, April 2, 2011

2 April 2011 : Law As People

For followers and silent readers..
Stop judging people!
Nobody perfect,so better remind ourself dont simply kutuk-kutuk org ikt ske hati je..
Bagi sue simple,kalo xprnh spent time ngn sue 24jam, xprnh knl sue 2-3years, xprnh ada ngn sue time suka and duka, xprnh tau story sue, xprnh kongsi ape-ape ngn sue..
xperlu nak easy take as ur granted to talk about me..
tak diberi hak okey..
kalo stkt name as kenal-kenal, jmpe 5minit, sembang kosong, buat lwk bdoh doesnt mean anything dat u already noe people in n out..
sbb people skang byk yg ada time suka suki je..
time ssh terlingkup besenye buat-buat donno je...

Next,not to be close...yap..important law!
Jangan terlalu rapat n jangan terlalu jauh..
sometimes we never realize yang kita dh terlalu rpt, kalo sedar better give some space..
space doesnt mean trus lost contact tp actually kite patut bg ruang untuk diri sndiri..
coz makin lame kite knl,makin byk bnde yg kite mdh tersentuh,terkecik hati n so on..

Not a fact but juz from sue punye opinion n experiences...
This post doesnt mean anything,so dont manipulate it ya...




Suriati Suhaimi said...

ya...i'm always right..hahahaa..
korg2 je sue bg hak utk tlg brckp bg phk sue...