Tuesday, April 12, 2011

12 April 2011 : Broken Heart

Dear Mr.Blog,

Yesterday just like a teardrops day...Let it go something that I have been search for a few month, gave all my hope and it seems like nothing to be proud. Yeah I knew that 'takdir' never and ever be avoid. I'm not a special girl that have all amazing strength to face everything and forget everything after apologizing. Hope become a hopeless. 
Really hurt to said. Trusting for nothing.

Stay by others person up and down its not easy. Sacrificed! Keywords for everything. Promises easy to deal but to fit it as reality is not easy to be done. Whatever happen, my heart like a crunch to bit, and chew it then tossed it in trash. Come on Suriati, be strong. People easy come easy go. Let the past is past, and beware of each deal. Life must go on.. 1year to go before leave all the bad dream here. Achieve what I want to achieve. 
Anything else will be unimportant things to be care after this.  

Thank a million bunch to all..Sorry for bothering,troubling and causes a lot of problem.
To mama and abah, sorry for my own unexpected decision that I've done without ma and abah opinion. To my sis, sorry for all the messy things I've done and troubling you to settle up my internship. To my beloved room mate, I'm really sorry for broke the broking promise. Last but not least,to Alnair Photonics Sdn.Bhd, Goodbye!