Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Messy Day

Last night for the 1st time me willing to go to clinic..
Fever and my head feels like to explode..
15minutes later got a popup from whatsapp, "Otw"..
Ya! everything for me..
Sarung apa ada, capai handbag, kunci umah n blanket..
Bad Luck!
Fever on Sunday at Kangar means u need to bertahan until monday..
So frustrated sebab klinik panel smua tak bukak unless p tggu kt emergency HTF..
Then me decide, its okay mik ubat kt farmasi
More than enough la kot
Got ubat demam n dipaksa minum bird nest..
Tak sedap! tapi sebab org dh beli mahal so trpksa minum jgk..
RM10 per bottle kot! dhla botol kecik..
Because me need to attend class for this morning so 'wajib' sihat..
Alhamdulillah feel more better..

But today, 
He's got a fever right after me..
Me feel really really bad for him
And the other sad thing is me need to say goodbye to my blackberry..
Drop and quite expensive to repair back..
Everything is messy today...
Donno how to say..
I wish tomorrow will be better 
So tired enough!