Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Timah Tasoh

Last few weeks updated..
After 2 months I didn't get any single chance to hold a camera, learnt something new, capture any single photo or going out to see the beauty of nature..
Just from an unexpected outing but I learnt something new and also release a little bit stress ..

" FreeStyle of FreeDom"
Venue : Timah Tasoh Lake,Perlis
Date: 30 March 2012
With: Rosnajihah Ahmad, Afo Husna, Ain Suriana & Shida Manshor

Okey that all..
Not too obsess.Free with force.Clear on mind.
Just a simple picture will capture..=D


Leeya Hezlin said...

Assalamualaikum..hai sue..lama sue tak update..he3..
Nice la gambar2..especially yg the last one..

Have a nice day dear.. :)

Suriati Suhaimi said...

@Leeya Hezlin
Hai leeya..
sgtla lame..xde mse..
Tq dear..
Have a nice day to u to..=D