Monday, February 13, 2012

Full of February

Nearest half month of February..
Seems like all works queue up to finish up by day..

"Full of February"

Truly, I'm tired..
My head like to explode with all the works that never end..
The priority is STUDY...
others things put aside for awhile..Hope!
So anyone that who wants to date me,
 lets me check 1st either coming March still have available to be reserved!  =D



all da best sue..cikros risau tengok korang sume pack giler..cikros nye fyp xjalan2 jugak agi sbenarnya..tpi malas jer ag nk mula buat..hakhakhak..rindu kat korang

Suriati Suhaimi said...

tq cik ros..
diri sndri pn rsau tgk jdual full.
mereng sdh...
xpe aura FYP cik ros xpns g..heehhee..
Rindu kt cik ros gk..