Thursday, October 28, 2010

28 October 2010 : Not for readers

Dear Mr.Blog,

Today was last day class for this semester..semester break are coming soon..suppose i'm happy right? but i don't feel that..why? don't no..maybe sometimes reason doesn't mean anything at all..too bad..fighting to achieve something over my effort really make me sick..i'm stuck on my own way...bad performance at the end after going through the successful story at the on top then going down..really2 worst.. i'm almost fail to maintain my own well performance on the second test.the second test show how weakness i'm.for Digital Principles i lost a lot of mark because of the careless mistakes.drop my total mark and my coursework.the subject really make me stupid mistake effected total result of that test..but i should happy for someone for his/her performance.the marathon test totally causes a trouble to score.i admit it..really tough for scoring..try my best its not enough i guess..for Semiconductor Fundamental of course doesn't make sense if i can score.nope! a weeks spent my time for that subject but still i can't fulfill all the question.blank page with the 'sweet' question i return back.The last test was Photonic 2 also same thing happen.blur,stuck always be apart of me.i miss to do some exercise on Problem Solving Question and it came out in that test..too bad for me..8 mark i lost..if others thing i smile because i confident to score,its wrong..fake smile! i want to forget everything after step up from the hall..i just need someone to talk to me,listen what i'm feel..two days was my bad days..put yourself on my place and you know i'm really hurt,frustrated more than you strong not easy for me..i will cry if you want to wipe my tears,lending your shoulder for me & give me a hug..=(

Suriati Suhaimi


Syariniey Amran said...

dont give up
ada hasil kalau kita berusaha
yang penting jangan lupa berdoa selepas penat lelah kita usaha
gambateh!! final exam still ada
try to score 50% lagi k.

chaiyyokkk girl!!
along ngn oni ada :)


sue..jgn giv up..blom pengakhirannya lagi..
trus bangun dan berusaha k..
orang yang berjaya takkan pernah mengaku kalah sebab die percaya bape kali die terjatuh pun, insyaallah dengan usaha dan tawakal pasti Allah akan balas dengan hasil yang terbaik..

chaiyookkk girl..bkan along ngan onie jer ade..cik ros pun ade..hihihi

Suriati Suhaimi said...

ye...xgve up pn..
cme frust sgt.
2paper kandas utk test..
semicon xpyh ckp la,mmg dh hncur..
berhrp setinggi gnung kt final..
tkut 6t jtuh mncecah bumi..
tq girlz! lebiu la..

Suriati Suhaimi said...

cik ros: still ade..
smua hrpn duk kt final..
mau pecah otak gua..
jtuh mudah nk bgun balik 2 yg pyh..
insyaallah kalo de rzeki sue ade la 2.
tq laling..lebiu..

pA'aZ said...

wt happen..??
rleks k..
kna tenang hadapi dugaan..
b'usaha n tawakal..
tiap dugaan ade hikmahnya,insyaAllah..
luv u!! ^^

Suriati Suhaimi said...

besela faz...frust sedikit..
luv u 2 dear.