Thursday, July 15, 2010

14 July 2010 : Bad News

6days without my fmly...
creating a fake smile to cover up the loneliness..
its not easy 4 me..
feel so bad..missing each of my fmly..
its getting worst after got a bad news bout my younger brother..
he suffering of ulser that really worst in his mouth...
doc said if nothings change in 1 or 2days,
he will admitted to the ward due to de next medical check up..

c him in a bad condition is really2 painful 4 me....
Dear God, give a strength to my Muhammad Hasydan Suhaimi..


lionteen said...

slalu berdoa smoga dia cpt2 sembuh yek..

meo188 said...

comel brudak nie :D

Syariniey Amran said...

terus berdoa
cian kat adam comel
sabar yek sue :)